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With a CoolerMate Insert in your cooler, food stays cold and dry. No more “soggy food”. No more disintegrating food labels.  No more need for “wasteful” zipper style plastic bags.  No more unpacking and cleaning of your cooler when adding more ice.  Now you can actually fit more food in your cooler because everything is neat and organized. And believe it or not, your CoolerMate Insert can even provide you with fresh, cold drinking water. The CoolerMate Insert is, the ultimate solution to all of your cooler problems and it will forever change the way you use your cooler!   “Get Yours Today”


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Product Description

Currently we only have one size available. This model was designed to properly cool a variety of coolers up to 65 quarts in capacity.  It doesn’t matter whether you own a 20 year old cooler or a brand new cooler right off the shelf, the CoolerMate Insert will work in either one.  Please check the inside dimensions of your particular cooler carefully to ensure a proper fit. (Don’t forget to include the space under the lid when measuring for height). The current model measures 19-1/2” long by 10” wide by 11-3/4” high and weighs about 2-1/2 lbs when empty. . . Because the CoolerMate Insert was designed to fit a variety of coolers up to 65 quarts in capacity, it may not fit your particular cooler exactly, for length or width. . . . in most cases it will still work just fine!  (Please review our FAQ page for more detailed information)

Additional Information

Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 x 10 x 11.75 in


  1. :

    I love my CoolerMate Insert! It works even better than I had hoped it would! No more wet & soggy labels, plastic bags, soggy foods. It’s perfect for packing your food, keeping it cold and organized! I filled it with ice on Friday morning and late Sunday evening we still had ice in the CoolerMate Insert. I cannot say enough about this product. Before purchasing the insert I was spending over $8.00 every weekend on ice! Great product!

  2. :

    I tested my CoolerMate Insert with a weekend fishing trip to the St. Lawrence Seaway. All of my food stayed perfectly cold and dry. This thing is a Winner!

  3. :

    Great product, we used it right away and yes it worked better than we thought it would!

  4. :

    I bought the CoolerMate Insert at the Hunting and Fishing Expo in February 2015. I used it twice camping in April and thought this is nice but when I used it for Memorial Day weekend when it was “HOT” and we were camping for 4 days, it worked perfectly. No mess, No floating butter, No more wet egg cartons. This is GREAT. . . . . Thank you

  5. :

    We love our CoolerMate Insert! Keeps everything cold and so easy to use. Recommend it to everyone.

  6. :

    We used our CoolerMate Insert on a trip to Chicago….there and back, 4 days later STILL cold food….that’s incredible!

  7. :

    Bought one at the Saratoga Fair. I Love it!

  8. :

    Amazing! We camp in the infield at Pocono Raceway. You can purchase ice, but it is very expensive. I purchased a CoolerMate Insert at the NY Fingerlakes wine festival, with intentions to use it at Pocono. It exceeded ALL expectations. I loaded the cooler into the RV Friday morning filled to the brim with beer and wine – everything stayed VERY cold all weekend, even with adding in warm stuff as the weekend went on. When we returned home on Monday – the few items still in the cooler were cold as ever, and there was still an ice block in the CoolerMate. You need to sell these at racetracks. We highly recommend this product.

  9. :

    I bought this product at the Sunshine fair. Got home and filled it with water and froze it. I then bought a thirty pack of warm beer and placed it in a Coleman cooler on my front porch. The temps that week were between 84-89 degrees all week long, in direct sun. The CoolerMate Insert stayed frozen for four days and kept my beer cold for a fifth day (to a temperature of 48 degrees on the fifth day). This product is going to save me $5 to $10 a weekend, camping. Thanks for a product that works and saves money.

  10. :

    I bought a CoolerMate Insert and love it. I’m a caterer and it gives me peace of mind not having to worry about anything in the cooler with a CoolerMate Insert in it. I plan on catching up with them and purchasing another insert for future use.

  11. :

    As I stated to you at the “Made In New York Festival”, we would put the CoolerMate Insert to use at the “Madison/Bouckville Antique Festival”. The frozen insert was inserted on Wed. morning with a temp of 11 deg. F. Cooler was then covered with a “Space Blanket” cover that we made. 3 days later in a hot car, the unit still had a temp of 28 deg. F. and everything inside was still sub 36 deg. F. And there was still a block of ice in the middle. Not having to deal with the thermoelectric cooler, power cables, and monitoring the car battery was great. And having the contents at least 15 deg F cooler than our old thermoelectric cooler was great too. There also seemed to be less condensation inside the cooler than with the thermoelectric cooler we used previously. The only downside is, the cooler is heavier than the thermoelectric cooler, but the advantages of having an ice cold drink after a long afternoon of “antiquing”, makes the CoolerMate Insert a great purchase for us.

  12. :

    Love the fact of not having to buy ice! And what a bonus, that the food doesn’t get soaking wet. Thanks for coming up with this product.

  13. :

    While strolling the NY Sportsmans’ Expo I stumbled upon the CoolerMate Insert booth and asked, “What does your product do?”…I was ready for the “sales pitch”…but the more they explained how it worked, the more sense it made. I bought one on the spot!
    What an ingenious idea! I don’t care how much $$$ you spend on a cooler – the ice will melt. Then comes the wet and soggy food, cold hands from digging in the cooler, figuring out how to drain the cooler, etc.
    The CoolerMate Insert eliminates all this. Pack your food and drink anywhere in your cooler because it won’t get wet – you even have fresh drinking water when the CoolerMate Insert is thawed. No need for a top-of-the-line cooler. Get yourself an inexpensive cooler and a CoolerMate Insert and you are good to go!

  14. :

    I bought one of these and put it to the test when we went camping 4th of July weekend. We were gone for 4 days and the CoolerMate Insert stayed frozen with very little melting by the time we went home. It kept everything in the cooler perfectly cold for 4 days with no need to refill with any ice and no need to drain out any water!

  15. :

    Just finished using this ingenious product which eliminates the need to feed the ice vendor, and conveniently keeps food from getting soggy. Spent 4 days camping with friends and never needed to replenish the ice. The drinks stayed refreshingly cold even into Monday despite being in a hot car at times. A fine product which I whole heartedly endorse.

  16. :

    It is a great product. I have used it twice since my purchase and it worked beyond expectation. “No soggy mess and cold”.

  17. :

    Great product. Got mine home and had to try it out right away, Surprise! it didn’t fit in my wheeled Igloo Maxcold 50 Qt. cooler, it was close but not right, so I got out my heat gun and warmed up the inside of the cooler enough to get the CoolerMate Insert to fit. Now I have a custom cooler and no worries, Thanks CoolerMate. . .Stan

  18. :

    The ice lasted for over four days, Guess I don’t need to buy a Yeti.

  19. :

    I love my CoolerMate Insert! It’s so easy, it keeps my cooler clean and my food cold. If you don’t own one you should.

  20. :

    I bought my CoolerMate Insert as an impulse purchase at the Owego Strawberry Festival, one for a Father’s Day gift, for my dad and one for me. I work up to 13 hour days traveling in my car. My food and drinks were always warm when I used an insulated lunch bag. Now I use the CoolerMate Insert in my vehicle keeping my lunch and drinks cold for up to three days. We all know that vehicle temps can reach over 120 degrees in the summer, and my CoolerMate Insert is in an old cooler that is missing the plug, but it still stays cold! One unexpected bonus is that the food is lifted off the bottom of the cooler, I accidentally drove off with a cup of soda simply placed in the cooler while I was at a store. It spilled all of the soda out, but none of it got on my food. It went under the CoolerMate and my food was spared from being a soggy mess! I love the CoolerMate Insert! It is a joy to still have ice cold water at the end of the work day! My father uses his for long car trips. He has a love of cheese and can now travel with it…and his special delicious hot dogs that can only be found in NY!

  21. :

    We purchased our CoolerMate Inserts this summer at the Watkins Glen Wine Fest. We filled them up and took them on our vacation in August. To our surprise the CoolerMates kept our food cold for 5 days!!! It’s the best and most valuable purchase we have ever made for camping. Not only did our food stay cold and dry, but we had ice cold water on demand. Very happy with the product.

  22. :

    We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our CoolerMate Insert!!! We purchased ours at the 2015 Ribfest. We knew right when we saw it, that we needed it! It makes bringing lunch on hot days a breeze! NO MORE SOGGY SANDWICHES!!! Ha-ha, We also took this camping, what a hit it was!! Zack showed everyone at our campsite! He says it’s truly changed his life because now, for lunch at work he fits everything and doesn’t have to dig in all the ice and water to get sandwiches that are always drenched! It also gives him extra time with our 5 month old because now he doesn’t have to stop and get ice every morning before work! Such a great product and I’m so happy we own one!!!!!

  23. :

    I liked the CoolerMate Insert so much I bought two of them. One for my water bottles and one for my fruits, vegetables and food. The best thing about the CoolerMate Insert to me, is when it comes to my water bottles. Now all of my labels stay dry and in perfect condition so I always get my nickel back. My slogan for the CoolerMate Insert is. . . “Get Your Nickel Back America”!

  24. :

    We LOVE – LOVE – LOVE our CoolerMate Insert! It is AMAZING! We are flying to Florida tomorrow on vacation; and, since we don’t want be without it for the time that we are there, we shipped the insert on ahead, so that it will be waiting for us to use when we get there!

  25. :

    Hi my name is Ann. I bought the CoolerMate Insert at the Cobleskill Sunshine fair on the second day and started using it right away. I and my family love it. It is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you so much for being at the event. Can’t wait till you have different sizes available. Yours truly, A satisfied customer

  26. :

    I bought your insert at the Connecticut RV Show. I had originally come over to talk with you a couple of times and then walked away. I have to say, even as I walked away with the insert I was a little skeptical that it would work. Spur of the moment purchases never seem to work out for me. When I got home I filled the CoolerMate Insert with ice and water and put it in a cooler on the kitchen table in direct line with a heating duct. Next I loaded the cooler with some food, opening and closing it only when needing to cook just like I would if I were camping. I wanted a true test of what I could expect on the road. I cannot believe I kept the cooler at about 42 degrees for 7 days in a heated house. Even after adding more ice during the week, the total ice used was just 20 pounds — Quite reasonable for a week. It made the cooler experience just like a chest refrigerator. No ice mess, the butter stayed hard, nothing spoiled, nothing was soaked or ruined and things were easily moved in and out of the cooler. Well done folks! Thanks for making and selling a great product.

  27. :

    I put my CoolerMate Insert into “Glacier” mode (frozen) at the end of September for the start of archery season. I took it to hunting camp for 4 days, returned home and put it back into the freezer however it was still fully frozen. I would usually stay home for just a couple of days and then return to camp. I repeated this all through bow and gun season into mid-December and the CoolerMate Insert remained frozen solid the entire time. The best part was things remained dry and organized even in my 20+ year old cooler, not to mention I didn’t have to stop anywhere for ice. After hunting season ended I put it in the sink to thaw out and it took over 48 hours. Great investment!

  28. :

    I discovered the CoolerMate Insert while at a sportsman show in Cleveland Ohio. As a product rep for Elite Archery I’m on the road every weekend doing demonstrations from December 31st until the middle of April. I always bring my cooler with me, full of bottled water and healthy snacks. The only problem with that is, if I’m not on top of it something will usually get wet and then thrown away. And that’s exactly what I bought the CoolerMate Insert for. Now everything in my cooler stays cold and perfectly dry. I’ve been going to outdoor shows for years now and I’ve seen a lot of stuff for sale. The CoolerMate Insert is hands down one of the most innovative products I have seen in a very long time.

  29. :

    We were at the Hamburg Sport & Travel show in 2015 on Saturday, where we watched a presentation of your CoolerMate Insert. Not being warm yet here in NY, we went home and reviewed the CoolerMate Insert website all evening. The following day we returned to the show and purchased a CoolerMate Insert. Being retired we camp and travel as much as we can. In fact the very next week we drove to Florida stopping where we wanted. WOW we went 2 weeks and only put 3 bags of ice in it. Nothing floating in water, nothing soggy and the ice holds much longer inside the CoolerMate Insert. YES we would more than recommend the CoolerMate Insert. If you use coolers, you will be very pleased with the CoolerMate Inserts performance. I work hard for my money and I want quality. The CoolerMate Insert is quality.

  30. :

    Keeps everything cold and dry for days!

  31. :

    I used my CoolerMate Insert all last season, camping with the Boy Scouts and climbing 22 of the 44 great peaks in New York State. I’ve got to say it’s very versatile and efficient. It makes packing your cooler really quick and convenient. The best part is nothing gets wet and nothing spoils. I just love it.

  32. :

    Total cooler convenience for all of your camping, hunting and boating adventures.

  33. :

    The CoolerMate Inserts are used every weekend. I am a civil war re-enactor and go to a reenactment almost every weekend. The temperatures this year have been extremely hot. The CoolerMate Inserts stay frozen 3-4 days in a tent, the food stays cold and does not get water logged. We are hoping that CoolerMate Insert will make more sizes, will surly buy some.

    A very happy buyer, Jonathan Fiske, 141 Pennsylvania volunteer infantry

  34. :

    We purchased the CoolerMate Insert at an RV show in Hartford, CT my husband was skeptical, but not anymore! We just returned from 3 weeks camping in Nova Scotia and could not be more pleased. All of our food stayed cold and dry, nothing was wasted, your unit performed EXACTLY as promised and more than paid for itself on our 1st trip with savings from reduced ice purchases. We started off in the “Glacier” mode and didn’t add ice until day 4! We will and have recommended CoolerMate Inserts to friends- it’s the best!!

  35. :

    I bought two CoolerMate Inserts at the Sportsman’s Expo last year over my husband’s objections. This past summer we went camping in the Adirondacks for 12 days. We packed our 120 quart cooler with two frozen inserts and all of our food. The ice lasted for 10 days before we had to add any ice. My husband is now a true believer!

  36. :

    First, thank you, thank you, thank you for the 6′ siphon tube! It worked perfectly! It was just what we needed.
    I am so excited about how well the CoolerMate Insert worked for us, I can hardly contain myself! I’m sending you a link to some pictures I took that show my situation and why the CoolerMate Insert was so helpful to us. Let me enumerate the ways:
    * We use a small utility trailer which is a steel box and lid. Our cooler sits down in the trailer all the time we’re camping, keeping it safe from raccoons, bears, etc. It has always been back-breaking work for me to lift the loaded cooler out of the trailer, drain it onto the ground, add ice, and lift it to put it back into the trailer. As I get older, this gets more difficult. The CoolerMate Insert, with the 6′ tube, enabled me to drain water out of the cooler into my largest cooking pot, eliminating this stress and strain completely!
    *The park where we were camping has high iron content in its drinking water. It’s safe to drink, but looks unappetizing. Using the CoolerMate’s siphon, we were able to harvest more clean drinking water than we needed, eliminating our need to buy ANY clean water.
    *We kept a zipped bag of ice cubes in the cooler for use in drinks and to super-chill canned beverages for ice cold drinks (e.g., beer, energy drinks, etc.). That worked great. But I found that even when all the ice cubes melted, the temperature in the cooler remained very similar to refrigerator temperature. That surprised me and pleased me immensely.
    *Perhaps one of the neatest features of using the CoolerMate Insert is that stuff in the cooler stays put when something else is removed. We used to have trouble putting the drink container back into the cooler, because water, ice, and smaller items would immediately fill the space. No more. Also, with small containers floating in water, their labels would come off, making a mess, and water would often seep into jars of jelly, relish etc. rendering them less tasty and sanitary than they should have been. This is no longer an issue with the CoolerMate Insert.
    *I was so impressed and happy with the CoolerMate Insert that I shared it with several campers. I gave them the URL of your web site and highly recommended the product. Without exception, they all quickly recognized the potential convenience the CoolerMate Insert offers.
    The CoolerMate Insert is truly a clever and useful invention. (I’m surprised that I don’t find it on Amazon yet!) I’m delighted to have stumbled upon it at the Stormville Flea Market in 2015, and that my wife bought it, also recognizing its usefulness and value to us.

  37. :

    We started camping in 1973 and have thrown away our fair share of soggy food because of melting ice in our coolers. While attending the FMCA (RV) Rally in Springfield MA. earlier this year we purchased two CoolerMate Inserts. We decided to test one out by taking it “DRY” camping. WOW! Five days later all of our food was still cold & dry. We just purchased two more inserts as gifts for family members. We highly recommend it.

  38. :

    I bought the CoolerMate Insert and it changed my summer. We used it at our summer place where we spend weekends. With the CoolerMate we were able to fill the cooler and not worry about adding ice all weekend. We also no longer had to deal with wet, soggy containers. The food stayed cold for the whole weekend. I would highly recommend this insert for anyone who spends time away from their refrigerator.

  39. :

    I saw the CoolerMate Insert being sold at the RV show in Hershey, PA. It sounded too good to be true, like most things, but I bought two of ‘em, mostly because the two people who were selling them seemed so nice and sincere. Turned out they were the creators of the CoolerMate Insert. Well I gotta say, everything they said about the CoolerMate is true.
    As an over the road trucker, I hated spending truck stop prices for ice, and then dealing with a messy cooler as the ice melted, not to mention the space the ice takes up.
    Well, in the three months since I got my CoolerMates, I have not had to buy ice once. I fill them up & freeze them at home, as directed, hit the road, and a week later, still keeping food cool. The 2nd one I keep in the freezer, ready to swap out.
    Bottom line, I figure they have paid for themselves in less than 3 months. Not to mention the convenience of having food that doesn’t wind up sitting in cold water. I actually can’t wait to see what the inventors of the CoolerMate come up with next!

  40. :

    What a great product! We purchased ours at the FMCA rally in Springfield Mass. We also bought 2 for other family members. No more buying ice for weeklong trips! We highly recommend these to all campers or sportsman.

  41. :

    Love my CoolerMate Insert. We used it all summer, no more wet items and everything stays cold for days!

  42. :

    Took my CoolerMate Insert from upstate NY to Maine on a bear hunt. I knew bear quarters wouldn’t fit in my cooler (they pack them in dry ice) but the rest of my stuff traveled cold and dry. . . and the cold drinking water is a great extra. No more $1+ bottles of water on the interstate. Just fill my thermos and go. The ice cold drinking water will pay for the whole thing after a few more trips. Refilling with ice is cheap and no more plastic bottles all over the truck.
    Thanks for an easy, useful, practical, clean, efficient product.

  43. :

    Hi Guys, I bought two CoolerMates from you last year at the Sportsman show in Hamburg NY (you might remember me). I told you, “it was a perfect product for the Shark Tank”, but last years auditions were over. Did you guys make it for this years Skark Tank? I hope so, you have a great product. GOOD LUCK !!

  44. :

    Froze my CoolerMate Insert and put it into my old Coleman cooler, slid it into the back of my truck under a black tonneau cover and forgot about it until 7 days later. What’s amazing is, when I opened it there was still ice inside. Even though it was only the middle of January it was still in the upper 80’s all week long here in Ft. Meyers Florida.

  45. :

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy my CoolerMate Insert….. I travel a lot for work and like to eat real food, not restaurant food. I have a super cooler (Orion) and use the CoolerMate in “glacier mode” most often. I have experienced 2 weeks of cooling this way and there is still a large ball of ice floating around at that point, then I just return it to my freezer overnight and I’m ready to go on the road again!
    I highly recommend the CoolerMate Insert to all, as a better way to keep your cooler cold and dry!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  46. :


    I left upstate NY on Friday on my way to Myrtle Beach, with a frozen CoolerMate Insert and lots of beer in my cooler. I put the cooler out on the balcony of our condo and left it there until the following Wednesday. The temperatures were in the 80’s the entire time we were there and the CoolerMate Insert kept every beer perfectly cold and it had absolutely no problem chilling room temperature beers either. The best thing about it was, we never had to buy a single bag of ice.

  47. :

    We use our CoolerMate Insert for camping, boating and especially when we’re on the road travelling for “Dock Diving Dog” events. We’ll come home after four days on the road and there’s still ice in the insert and all of our food is completely dry. It’s worth every penny!

  48. :

    I have to tell you how much my husband and I love your product! We are avid campers and by campers I mean tent camping so my biggest, personal pet peeve while camping is soggy packaging and water-logged food in the cooler! It’s my biggest chore and I lose out on so much enjoyment for myself while trying to keep the cooler at least somewhat dry or at least with minimal water and having to go buy ice every day uggh! We saw you at the Boston Camping & RV Expo and I was hooked at first sight! Finally something to give me my time back while we’re camping. We purchased our 1st CoolerMate Insert at the show. We filled and froze it that night to try it out on our back porch. It worked amazingly and we were so very happy with the results. Well, I’ve just booked our first week of camping and ordered our 2nd CoolerMate so now both of our coolers will be cold and dry and we won’t be wasting time or money this year on replacing water-logged food and purchasing ice every time we turn around. We are so excited! The absolute bonus of the product is that it is made in the USA! Thank You for creating this fantastic product and Thank You for giving me my time and sanity back while camping!

  49. :

    Saw these at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and was impressed and thought it was a great Idea.

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